Face Recognition – Find People Whose Face is Similar to Your Face

Do you wonder that how many people in this world with the same face as yours?

Do you want to know whether there are any people out there whose face is similar to your face? If you are looking for this, read on!

I have found a website where you can upload your photo and then do a quick search for similar faces. The website will then look for the photos in their databases and the web and come up with all people faces which have some matches with your face.

They says, there are 7 people in the world with a similar face!

Try it out!. Who knows, your face might match with one of the popular Celebrities in the World!!!.

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How does this website work?

PictRiev is the website which you can do this face recognition. You can call it a Face Search Engine. I can confidently calling by this name because it can find all the photos / images whose Face matches with your Face in the web.

Just upload a photo of your face. Once the upload is done, click search. It will use Face recognition and show you all the References of photos with similar faces will be shown in thumbnails.

Following are the simple steps to find people whose face is similar to your face

1. Visit PictRiev Website
2. Upload a good resolution Photo
3. Photo should be in .jpg (or jpeg) with less than 200 KB.
4. Results can vary on the resolution or quality of the photo.
5. For best result, please upload a photo of a with a clear front view, desirably with the gap between the eyes more than 80 pixels wide.

If your photo to be searching is satisfied with above criteria, click on browse and select the photo.

Have you uploaded the photo and and got any surprise? Let us know.

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