Facebook Verified Accounts Feature is Rolled Out

Do you have high number of subscibers in Facebook? Then, it’s time to Verify your account. Facebook has rolled out a new feature to verify the account for the users who has high number of subscribers.

The feature is differs from those of Google+ and Twitter in a major way that users won’t see any kind of badge or other graphic indicating that the account is verified. However Verified accounts will get the priority in Facebook’s suggestions of users to subscribe to.

Facebook will initiate the process for verification with a notification on profiles that have a large number of subscribers and there won’t be any method of applying at the user end. The user have to provide images of government-issued IDs, which the Facebook will permanently delete after verification. Those users can also submit their alternative names, which Facebook should approve before go public.
Facebook Verified Accounts

Facebook Verified Accounts

The user can submit either their passport, driver’s licence or work/military ID to verify the account. If don’t have any of these they can submit 2 alternate IDs from School/Work ID, Library card, credit card, birth certificate and social security card. The ID or IDs must clearly show the name, image, and birthrate. It must be in color too. Users can blacked out or covered sensitive information like credit card number, driver’s licence number etc.

Facebook Verified Accounts

Facebook Verified Accounts - This was a long overdue move by Facebook, but it’s puzzling that  the lack of any sort of badge or message to let users know that profiles are authentic. What’s the real use of this feature if users can’t find the profile is authentic or not?

Screen shots courtesy: Techcrunch

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