How to find Saved Word/Excel File in Outlook Temp Folder

Cant find Saved document File in Outlook Temp Folder?


I have outlook 2007 & Windows XP Professional, received an email with an excel wookbook, opened and added data to workbook all day, (during day i closed the email the attachment had come in but kept workbook open) and repeatedly saved workbook. Closed workbook expecting it would be in “My documents” folder, no trace of the file anywhere, no OLK folder, no sign of file in local settings/temporary internet files. :(

I can’t find the cached version of the file anywhere, I have show hidden files/folders enabled.

I do have autosave enabled.


I know how it feels losing a days worth of work. The worst part is when you have to recreate what you’ve already done.

To answer your question, go and find the data column Entry “OutlookSecureTempFolder” from your registry. Steps explained here to Find the Microsoft Outlook Temporary OLK Folder

Find that key again and you should have the path to your OLK folder and your File should be sitting there.

Just copy that entry and paste it to your windows explorer address bar.

Now the path might be a bit confusing because with Outlook 2007, there actually is “NOT” an OLK folder. For instance, on my XP/Outlook 2007 install, my OLK folder or “Temp Outlook Folder” / “OutlookSecureTempFolder” is:

“c:Documents and SettingsmrgrooveLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.Outlook4V32TZLP”

So if you look on your box you will find what your looking for in the “Content.Outlook” folder. Take a look there and your golden. ;)

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