How to Remove Google Redirect Virus

Issue: Whenever I click on search results, it directs me to a completely different page. And pop ups of some other fake malicious websites opens continuously. Often it shows errors that filename. exe is not a valid WIn32 application. My antivirus program or windows defender not finding any virus.Google Redirect Virus

The Google redirect virus is one of the most common threat of these days, infecting millions of computer systems all over the World. This virus generally affect the browsers (browser hijack), to manipulate the Google search outcomes. It is very frustrating and will continually redirect your web searches to spam websites, advertisements, popups and much more. This will occur for all redirects, not simply search engine / Google results. However, as most search engine results will reroute you, that’s where most people see the problem. The major cause why this virus is is one of the most harmful is that it cannot be detected with your regular antivirus programs.

Symptoms when you are affected by Google redirect virus

  • Your web bгowsers will frequently rediгect to fake websites, spam websites, ads, etc.
  • Your system will frequently ѕhow fаlse pop-uрs & advertisements
  • Windows displaying error messages regularly particularly when you try to run any new programs.
  • It gets on your damn nerves!

Remove the Google Redirect Virus

Caution: This Removal of Google redirect virus is a step by step process. If you are lazy to do it and ready to spend some money check out this.

For others here is the steps to remove Google redirect virus from your system:

1. Download the tools

  • Download ComboFix

2. Restart your system in “safe mode with networking” (Press F8 while booting up for start the system in safe mode)

3. Run Win32/Olmarik Removal tool and remove as many malware files as possible.

4. Run the ccleaner and do the registry fix.

5. Turn off all antivirus softwares running.

6. Run ComboFix, it will takes some time so just don’t panic. Don’t do any other activity on your system when combofix is running. (We have mentioned how to run ComboFix in an earlier article. Click here to read it)

7. Restart the system as soon as the combofix is completed.

8. You’re done! The Google redirect virus should have removed by now.

9. Open Google in your browser and check it.

Still having Google redirect virus issues? Let me know in comment section, I will try to help you as soon as I can.

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