MTS will Expand Data Network in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat

The MTS brand who provides mobile and data services, will expand its wireless data network in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, the parent company, Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL) announced.

With these expansions, the MTS extended its reach to 59 cities in Kerala, 21 cities in Andhra Pradesh and 22 towns in Gujarat.
MTS expands

MTS India provides high-speed mobile broadband through MBlaze dongles, available in 43 branded retail outlets, 4000 mass retail outlets and 150 organized retail outlets across the nation. The dongles can also use for live television and video on demand services.

The company has been expanding the wireless data network rapidly and presently reaches over 92% of data potential across the country.

As per to Indian telecoms regulator TRAI, till the December last year, the broadband penetration in India stands at 1% as against the mobile tele-density of 74.15% and 13.30 million broadband connections as of December 2011.

The National Broadband Plan, envisaging 160 million broadband connections including 60 million wireless broadband connections by the year 2014, is a growth opportunity for the company.


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