OMG! 92% Of The People Who Watch This Will Fall Asleep Instantly: New Facebook Viral Scam

There are plenty of scams circulating in the holiday season on Facebook, for instance, designed to generate revenue by the use of rouge applications and social engineering lures.

“OMG! 92% Of The People Who Watch This Will Fall Asleep Instantly” is the latest scam which is spreading through Facebook at the moment.

Curious stuff? Would you be tempted to click further? Lots of Facebook users have been, and this is what they see in the next screen.

92% of the people who watch this video will fall asleep instantly. A weird&nbspphemomenon that even scientisst don't have a proper explanation for. If you are ready to fall asleep click the PLAY button below!

Most people won’t suspects much because the link appears to have been shared with them by one of their Facebook friends or at least their friend’s Facebook account.

If you do decide to go further you will be asked to authorize a third-party application to have access to your profile, including the ability to post messages to your wall.

If you did decide to continue and agreeing to install the application gives the application developer full access to your basic information and the right to email you, post to your wall, access your data at any time and the right to manage your pages.

If you do proceed with the application install, your account is like-jacked and you are spreading the scammer’s message to all of your friends. You will then be taken to the following screen:

So, first, you would be presented with an online survey – demanding that you complete it and hand over personal information before taking you to a YouTube self-hypnosis video. The scammers make money for every survey completed, of course, in the form of commission.

Meanwhile, your Facebook profile is updated without your explicit permission – promoting the “OMG! 92% of the people who watch this will fall asleep instantly” message even further across Facebook, helping it to spread further and earn even more cash for the scammers behind this social spam attack.

Have you already a victim of this kind of scams? Here is a Sophos video for how to clean up your Facebook profile, and advice on how to avoid attacks in the future.

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