Social Media Marketing – 5 Quirky Myths That Hinder Business Growth

There is so much to enjoy with social media.

Several business owners and internet entrepreneurs have been spoon-fed with lies and marketing hype. The aim of these myths is to prevent you from moving ahead, get you stagnant and hoping to make it happen one day. Well, I don’t know if one day would ever appear. If you would ride with me, I want to unveil these social media marketing myths and how it hinders your business growth.

You’ve just 3 things to do. Read, Understand, Implement!

Social Media Truth

I’m sure someone has sold you an e-book worth $37 or more on social media marketing. When you opened it, what did you see? I guessed right… the same old promises that never surface. The real social media examiners are busy attending seminars and world-class conferences. They are connecting with their social fans offline. The truth about social media isn’t in the paycheck, but in the relationship.

Here is a shocker: if you don’t know how to make friends, influence clients offline, you won’t succeed online with social media. Why? It’s all about communicating and sharing what you know in a friendly manner.

1. Social Media Marketing Is Simple

I want to debug this myth right now. Do you think social media marketing is simple? If so, why do thousands of social media marketers still borrow money from friends and banks and unable to pay back?

I know why this myth has lingered all over the web. Information marketers are desperate to make money and so, they’re can project any marketing B.S. just to get your hard earned money. Listen to this… there is nothing simple online. It takes time to learn, takes extra time to master and may take a lifetime for you to teach the same topic to others.

The simplicity of social media marketing has led beginners to relax and complain. Watch all those successful twitter marketers who have 20,000+ followers. Do you think they prayed and hoped for such numbers? It’s hard work; it’s patience and right mindset that’s got them here.

2. It’s A Number Game

If your business depends on this social media myth, then you may be heading for failure. Real businesses that touch lives don’t depend on numbers to succeed. Although you need thousands of prospects and customers to become rich, but a few high paying ones could change your life.

Let me give you an instance, on my niche blog that features some popular brands. E.g. 6pm discount codes, hostgator coupon and sittercity coupon deals, I get less than 70 visitors weekly but the conversion rate is high. This makes me believe that traffic is not in number but how targeted it is.

There are over 5 Million people on Facebook. Even if 2,000,000 decide to visit your blog, you may not make any money. You could consume bandwidth instead. In essence, social media marketing is not a number game. Focus your marketing activities in the right direction and drive few responsive prospects that would take action. That’s what matters.

3. If Content Is King, What is Marketing?

I so much like this sub-heading. They (experts) keep telling us that content is king and we neglect the most important aspect of it all (marketing). If I have thousands of informative, detailed and “people optimized” contents on my blog but no eyeballs to read them, what’s the essence?

For social media to work for you, you don’t need so much content. Although, it’s vital you have quality information in order to build and guide your web image, but marketing is the key.

I like to paraphrase that phrase by quoting “content is king, marketing is queen.” Interestingly, the queen has a great influence on the king. Most of the decisions and decrees promulgated by the king are made possible after meeting with the Queen. Lol!

In a nutshell, have quality content but ensure your marketing practices are strong and top notch.

4. It’s A Virtual World

Do you think online marketing is different from offline marketing?

Absolutely not! It’s true you may not meet your customers one-on-one for life, it’s also true you might never know how they feel about you when they are using your products and services, but there is something that happens within the loop.

In offline marketing, customer service and support system is mandatory if success is to be attained. It’s the same thing online, if your customer service system isn’t functioning efficiently, you’re bound to lose your intimate and prospective customers to your next door competitor.

When you are marketing to social media users, don’t see them as virtual. See them as real human beings with blood running through their veins. Know that they’ve kids and lovely family in their lives and treat them with compassion and love. Answer their email enquiries and give your best solutions when and where applicable.

So, web marketing isn’t in a virtual world, but in a real world. Let this guide your marketing decisions and you would succeed beyond your widest thoughts.

5. Social Media Marketing Is Time-Waster

Actually, it can waste your time if you don’t know what you’re doing. My first two writing clients came to my blog via LinkedIn. I’ve acquainted myself with successful bloggers whose primary promotional system is Facebook and Twitter alone.

Are we all wasting time with social media marketing? Absolutely not! On the contrary, increase is taking place in our lives and we couldn’t shortchange this experience for any reason. You should redefine your social media usage one more time. If the right traffic isn’t coming to your blog, ask yourself why. If instant targeted traffic is your #1 blogging goal, then stumble upon is your best bet. I’ve been using it and there is no regret whatsoever.

Marketing Takeaway

I hope I’ve been able to meet your expectation in this blogging myth review? My aim is to reposition your mindset and get you started on the right track. Social media is powerful and when properly approached, it can transform your entire online business and set it on fire for real success.

I’m giving you a pat on the shoulder. It’s time to scale your social media activities through. Leave an open mind, there is so much to learn on your way to the top. See you ahead!

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