Track The Email Sender IP Address and Location in Microsoft Outlook

In an earlier post, we have seen How to Find the Sender IP Address and Location in Yahoo! Mail. Now, let’s see how to find the IP address and location of the email sender in Microsoft Outlook. This will be useful when someone is flooding your inbox with junk mail or harassing you via email.

Remember! You won’t be able to find the real IP address if the sender uses an anonymous proxy server. But in most of the cases they won’t.

Here is the steps to find out the email sender IP address in Microsoft Outlook:

1. Start Microsoft Outlook
2. Right Click on the message you want to track and select ‘Message Options’

3. Under the Delivery options in the Internet Headers box you can see the Mail Header information.

In order to find the IP address of the sender, you have to take a look to the Received: Headers. These Headers Received Headers have the following format:

Received: from [computer name and/or IP address from sender]
by [server name] (maybe Internet protocol too) for [Your Email ID]; date and time.

After you find out the IP address of the sender you just have to use a location lookup service like IPChecking, GeoBytes IP Locator or IP2Location to find the exact location (country, city, etc) of the sender. In order to understand better how to use a lookup service, you should also read: Tracking the location of an IP address.

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