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Inspur "+5G" Solution

? Include cloudified infrastrcucture, edge computing platform, 5G iOSS, industry + 5G application.

? Enable intelligent 5G network and business operation to promote industry transformation.

Background introduction:

Since entering the 21st century, there has never been a technology that changed the world like 5G, bringing unprecedented opportunities and challenges to human society.

Life, industry, and society are being reshaped. Ubiquitous connections, data, and intelligence bring new-type convenient applications to life, bring new-type vitality and productivity to industries and also bring a much larger-scale and more complex data to the world. These changes and new experiences will indeed exceed our imagination.

How to evolve and develop the network, adjust the IT capabilities, transform organization, personnel skill, business and even business models, and succeed in the 5G era is already a very urgent issue for telecom operators, service providers, and various government, industry and enterprise customers.

Solution introduction:

In the 5G era, Inspur innovatively proposes +5G idea and provides abundant products and applications in fields of 5G cloudified network equipment, edge computing, service platform, smart operation support and multi-industry applications.

Taking the advantage of cloud computing, big data, AI and practices in telecom and diverse industries, Inspur aims to connect 5G and industries, build new type ICT infrastructure, accelerate applications of 5G in industries and enable the industry digital transformation and application innovation of both telecom customers and other industry customers.

Inspur 5G-based new ICT infrastructure platform

Inspur 5G-based new-type ICT infrastructure platform

CloudNet infrastructure

? Provide full series products of converged architecture especially edge server (e.g. NE5260M5, NE5250M5) and micro-module data center

? Flexible, efficient, stable and suitable for different scenarios and environment

? Has proven in mainland China and help integrated development of 5G and ICT services of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom

Edge computing

? Provide 5G edge computing platform and build up 5G industrial network for vertical industries

? Support customized edge gateway equipment for industry scenarios e.g. 5G industrial internet gateway, 5G smart pole gateway for smart city

? Realize collaboration of cloud, edge and terminal and provide integrated capabilities and personalized services

iOSS: smart operation support

? Provide smart operation support of full business including cloudified network and 5G

? Support entire VNF lifecycle management and NFVO of cloudified network

? Focus on 5G application scenarios, provide intelligent operation and maintenance of slice to assure the slice service capability and service quality

Industry + 5G applications

Rely on years of industry practices and experience and comprehensive strength of cloud computing, big data, AI and 5G, Inspur is committed to build up new generation ICT infrastructure, provide flexible network capability and diverse 5G applications to promote industry digital transformation and innovation.

The following shows typical practices of industry + 5G solutions of Inspur.

Smart Park + 5G

In Inspur Tech Park, located in headquarter of Jinan, Inspur deploys 5G network and edge computing platform in the park by cooperation of Shandong Mobile and Ericsson.

It provides park inspection robot with stable 5G connections and abundant application capabilities in the edge such as map sharing, route planning, schedule management, face recognition, etc. Therefore, the robot can transmit the real-time monitoring data (e.g. high definition inspection image, detected environment information, robot equipment information) to the background system. System can intelligently analyze the abnormal events. At the same time, office staff can take remote control, talkback, and vehicle guidance to the robot through 5G network. As to key area, staff can control the robot to execution inspections and ensure the safe and normal operation.

Robot inspection in Inspur HQ   Robot inspection in Inspur HQ  

Inspection robot works in Inspur Tech Park

Smart park + 5G

Smart park + 5G in Inspur HQ

Intelligent Factory + 5G

By the combination of intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet, IoT and 5G technology, Inspur builds an advanced high-end equipment manufacturing production line with high intelligence, automation, digitalization and flexible manufacturing.

In the intelligent factory, all the material transportation between different units are completed by AGV, RGV and laser forklift. More than 600 RFIDs, 2000 sensors, 50 device controller and 330 intelligent devices are deployed in the factory. The 5G network and MESP (Mobile Edge Service Platform) realize real-time collection, transmit, processing and presentation of all of these data and enable the intelligent scheduling, inspection, production, operation and management of entire factory. 

Intelligent factory of Inspur Intelligent factory of Inspur

Intelligent factory of Inspur Intelligent factory of Inspur

Intelligent factory + 5G of Inspur

Smart City + 5G

In smart city of Jinan, every day there are a large amount of video data generated, transmitted and processed through 5G MEC gateway and MESP (Mobile Edge Service Platform) and aggregated to background VSP (Video Support Platform) for various intelligent applications such as public safety, city governance, traffic control, emergency command, etc. 

Smart city + 5G

Smart city + 5G

The client's return:

Cloud · Big Data · AI + 5G

Integrate cloud, big data, AI and 5G, create a new generation ICT infrastructure of high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency wireless access to support digital transformation

Flexible Network Capability + 5G

Focus on 5G applications and enhance the flexible network capability for industries to combine 5G network and industry applications

Industry Application + 5G

Inspur 5G infrastructure, equipment, platform and applications connect 5G and industry, and promote multi-industry +5G solution implementation

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